The Walking Dead: Video Game Review

10 May, 2013


The Walking Dead (also known as The Walking Dead: The Game) is an episodic point-and-click adventure role-playing video game, based on a comic book series. The game starts off in Georgia shortly after the zombie apocalypse and you play as Lee, a convicted murderer who finds and takes up job of caretaker to a young girl named Clementine. The Walking Dead is unlike many other point and click adventures, as it doesn't focus on puzzle solving, more on story and character building which has won it over 80 'Game of The Year' awards.

When The Walking Dead first appeared on Steam, I saw it but at the time I didn't have enough money to buy it, that and I didn't think it looked appealing. Then I started hearing all about the game on YouTube and I thought this might be worth it, so over one of Steams famous Sales I bought the game for I think $9.99 and started to play it. At first it was weird but almost immediately I was captured by the story, I hated Lee at first, then he found Clem and decided to take her under his 'wing'. As the story progresses you have choices to make, and these choices change the outcome of the game. Almost every character I fell in love with and ever since I started playing the game I have been saying that this game, The Walking Dead, has the best story ever! So touching, yet adventurous and exciting. At times I was sitting on the edge of my seat frightened, other times I was fist punching the air in celebration. At the very end of episode 5, I was in genuine shock, sitting there in my chair, I was honestly thinking 'Holy Crap'.. I mean I know it's just a game but what happened.. It's not something that I can just tell you, it is something you need to experience and just wow. I spent the entire last little bit with my hands over my mouth telling myself that this can't be happening.

The decisions that have to be made were hard, and I soon learnt you have to be tough, you can't save everybody. Warning in the following pictures are some spoilers (But I don't think you will be able to tell..).

Another aspect of The Walking Dead that I thought really worked are the graphics, cartoon/comic book style. Looks like they were hand drawn, certainly goes well with the entire game. All in all I highly recommend this, 10/10 from Rob, and I certainly hope they make a follow up from this, because I don't care how much it is I will buy it right away.