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"Man" Polish - Male Branded Nail Polish

26 April, 2014 | Permalink

I have known since the start about AlphaNail and other male branded nail polish aimed specifically at guys who like to wear nail polish and I think that is the worst idea ever (Personally)! I understand what they are trying to do, I understand that they are trying to make it easier to put nail polish on for guys and they want to make it for masculine, more "What a guy wants" and with names for the polishes such as "Cocaine", "Gasoline" and "Benjamins" which guy wouldn't love them. Below is a picture of AlphaNail's colours (Which the company failed in the first year I am just reading) and also a video they made to promote the manliness of it.

So badass right?! No. STAHP! If this is the worlds way of making guys wear nail polish I would much rather be called a girl. I would much rather any normal nail polish. Yes the brush is harder but with practise you'll get better and I know I am actually already a lot better at applying nail polish then quite a lot of my female friends. Besides having a look at those colours that AlphaNail provide, I would much rather wear bright pink nail polish and those of you who know me know I don't like the colour pink. I rock purple and others all the time but pink isn't one for me. I would much rather be called feminine than masculine if to be called masculine I have to wear some of the nail polish for men. I would much rather go around showing off this

rather than any male nail polish stuff. Plus on that topic, is it really that bad for guys to be feminine? Obviously there is a line before the guy may as well be a female but for most cases I don't see any harm in guys being feminine or showing off their feminine side, I know I sure am showing my feminine side and I am proud of it! Are you? Let me know in the comments below :)


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