RIP Good Game TV AU

31 January, 2017

RIP Good Game. I really started to get into this show in the last year, I got to meet Nichboy at PAX 2016 but not Hex or Bajo. I'm incredibly sad to hear this show is at an end, it was the only Australian TV show for gaming and I think ending it was the wrong move as now Australia has nothing to represent gaming within traditional media. Not to mention I love the show, and I love all of the presenters.
Good Game was funny, light hearted, had an online show called Pocket every weekday, and Good Game Spawn Point (for younger gamers) once a week on top of their regular show once a week. I fail to see why they have moved on, they could quite easily get new presenters the show was doing amazingly. Like I will miss whoever the presenters are as their names have not been released but all of the presenters were amazing in their own way, bringing a spark to the GG office. My fondest memory of Good Game is when I was downloading the episodes as podcasts on iTunes to watch and I just watched the review for the Alpha version of Minecraft. I paused the podcast before the end of the review, ran to mum, got her to buy me Minecraft and keep my pocket money that week and I played Minecraft for hours forgetting all about that podcast. When I did remember about the paused podcast I went back and rewatched the entire thing again. Of course that doesn't compare to meeting one of the presenters Nichboy at last years PAX show and I was super hoping to meet him again or some of the other Good Game team at this years PAX but that won't happen now.

It really felt like Good Game was going from one thing to the next with no signs of stopping with their hour long 10 years of Good Game live show last year, they made two online shows on top of the traditional TV shows in past past two years and they uploaded every single episode of Good Game ever created to their YouTube channel started with Season 1 Episode 1 with Kapowski and Junglist hosting. I Will be following them all closely for their next ventures. Thank you so much good game team, for all the laughs reviews and the 10 years of news and reviews you gave gamers across Australia. I started watching from a young age on and off and I really enjoyed the company each week. This feels like the end of an era for Australia, just like it would feel if Vegemite no longer existed.
I give Good Game a solid 10/10 rubber chickens!
Goodbye Good Game, and until next time, may all your games be good ones.